We are a branding studio in Melbourne, specialising in brand strategy and design.

Create a brand of value, shape perceptions and creatively engage through strategic ideas and creative design.

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Holistic brands

In a constantly shifting market place, culture-shaping ideas need to be sustainable in order to endure. Your purpose is the foundation for sustainable growth, which is why the process of building your brand starts with the conversation of “why”. It’s collaborative, fun and rewarding.

Being unique is not only what you do, but how you do it. Creativity leads us to discover new ways of understanding, developing and communicating. Creativity is our openness to the unknown, our curiosity, our persistence and our process. This way of doing things, is what births uniqueness.

Connecting with the right people gives meaning and impact to the work you do. Having a deep understanding of who your audience is and how you can help them is the first step. Then there’s communicating the heart of your brand to them and building the relationships. We’re all about finding the best way to express your brand so you can connect, and your story becomes the story of others too.

"The team at Double Creative are more than designers, they are brand thinkers. They know how to craft beautiful design to build brands and effectively communicate the right message to an audience. We love working with them!"
Sarah Prescott
Head Brand & Marketing Strategist at Thankyou

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