Cornell Irving Partners

Through a personal, professional and ethical approach, Cornell Irving Partners take their clients from wherever they are, to wherever they want to go. For them, it’s more than numbers—it’s what the numbers can help their clients achieve.

Putting accounting at the forefront of community

When so much conversation, thought, strategy and creativity underpins a successful project, it’s always a delight to see the final product come together. We approached this project with a keen desire to create a brand that speaks straight to the heart of Cornell Irving Partners. They’re a strong advocate, a thoughtful listener, and a good friend. The brand cracks open this personality, and provides a platform to connect in this personal way. We rolled out Cornell Irving Partner’s new branding across every touch point, including all print collateral. Letter heads, business cards and compliments slips to engage and connect with their clients.

Scope of work —
Professional Services

We’ve packed this little logo with balance and tension, brand communication, and strong symbolism. It’s the leading component of Cornell Irving Partners’ brand, and an immediate eye catcher. Underpinning the each of the logo variations is a grid—this ensures it will always look comfortable in its surroundings, whether print, digital or on the office door.

We designed and developed Cornell Irving Partners’ website as a platform for telling their story, engaging their audience and attracting new customers. It’s a dynamic, responsive site that we’ve set up for continual growth.

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