Granted Constructions

Construction and beauty

Timeless beauty in construction

The brand revitalisation introduces a logotype and logo stamp to the Granted palette. We selected this beautiful typeface by @colophonfoundry to communicate with a tone of strength and elegance. A series of illustrations, icons, muted colours and warm photography works to accentuate this same personality. We took to capturing these elegant architectural homes as a major element of the Granted identity. A lot of effort is poured into these homes internally, ensuring a high standard of quality, sustainability and structural integrity, but externally is just as much a labour of love for Granted as each element is measured, cut to size and pieced together. For the identity to be a true representation of this level of detail, we needed to a set of photographs to show it off.

A little reel of social media stories we crafted for Granted Constructions, to help share some insight into what it means to be laser focused on sustainability and strictly process-oriented in the construction industry. Stunning craftsmanship by Granted Constructions. Our much loved animated illustrations for Granted Constructions. Why animated?.. Because it speaks to the personality of WHO Granted are - a considered, personable brand that brings life to their clients vision of owning their dream home. And, because there’s a motif that’s threaded throughout the identity; of light, passive, sustainable and comfortable, which is communicated in this case without words.

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