Hosea Store

Hosea was birthed out of a heart to explore, dream and wonder—and is devoted to products and wares that evoke mindful and creative living.

Coastal inspired furniture store

Hosea Store is a new online boutique selling thoughtfully composed rattan and cane furniture. It’s been a pleasure to work on this brand from start to finish, deep diving into each area of how the brand expresses its heart, and connects with its audience. Hosea Store is built on a story of beauty, rest and connection. The Hosea logotype is an elegant and beautiful presence across any application or context. It delivers the name with a certain tone, striking an impression with each encounter; whether for the first time or yet another. Beautiful typeface by Kometa fit the overall brand perfectly, bring Hosea Store to life. The visual and verbal language of Hosea Store brand is built around a brand story we developed in the brand strategy. Everything is either born from, or filters through this concept as a reference point for the brand. Every detail of Hosea Store has been designed with the intention of giving space to breathe, and connecting to self. This is true for each piece of printed material, including these thank you cards—with recycled stock, delicate type and an area for hand written notes to express kindness and gratitude.

Scope of work —

Hosea Store’s eCommerce site is their shopfront, and needed to offer a depth of experience that spoke of the brands’ focus on beauty, rest and connection. Our goal was to ensure a simple, and intentionally spacious layout with beautiful imagery, to make each customer feel right at home. We’d developed the brand, but how would it be seen and understood by Hosea’s online community? We created a launch strategy and campaign to release Hosea’s first collection, Rye. This lookbook captures the new collection in all its beauty, and helps introduce the brand story at the same time.

Rolling out the Rye campaign across digital and social platforms we initiated a series of videos to help tell the story. We worked closely with the incredible Samuel Kostevc to compose each clip.

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