One Summer

Skincare that is good for you, and good for the planet.

What can you say about a brand that brings the sunshine everywhere it goes?

“Summer all year round” is a brand statement we developed as a fun little phrase to capture the heart and personality of the brand. The statement and circle design also help to support the circular economy motif throughout the identity, always coming back to the idea that nothing should be wasted, but rather reused.

We wanted all the packaging components like tissue paper and thank you cards to highlight this exciting story and bring personality and play to the brand experience.

We invested time early on, selecting colours for each product category in order to bring clarity to the range. Sometimes the work of communication is subtle and can go unnoticed, but that’s exactly what makes it work. Good design enables effortless use through intuition.

The identity is a reflection of all that we saw in the business. It needed to be sweet, fun, colourful and natural; just like the products; just like the brand’s heart to do good for the planet; and just like the young family behind this whole story.

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