Tailor Made

Finding purpose and worth

Brand identity and work book for job skills program

This little toolbox represents each unique individual and the skills and experience they have to empty themselves of, and fill up with, as they walk the course of finding meaningful work.

This booklet is a 10 week work book covering the Tailor Made curriculum. It’s full of gold and wisdom, practical activities, encouragement, and spaces to unload some personal thoughts. From the Visual Identity, to the implementation of printed matter, the brand remains true to the core we discovered from the outset - purpose, and worth for the individual.

Lauren Grant
Tailor Made Co-ordinator

From the outset Tom and Phoebe from Double Creative made my team feel seen, heard and welcome. Their ability to catch and craft our Brand Strategy in a way that truly reflects the heart, vision and mission of Tailor Made has been mind blowing. They are professionals in their field, exceptionally talented in design and word, and just an ABSOLUTE JOY to work with in every way. This project was new ground for me and they truly held my hand and brought to life a dream that was in its infancy when we first met. THANK YOU Double Creative for helping to bring Tailor Made to life! We could never have done this without you! Team Tailor Made.

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